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Managed Helpdesk

Tailored to have the look and feel of an internal IT department.


Communication is paramount. Our Managed Helpdesk system keeps everyone involved in a service ticket up to date until closure. Full reporting on service levels and individual calls keeps heads of departments informed on a monthly basis. 

Our Managed IT Helpdesk system can be tailored to suit your every requirement and make what is an outsourced agreement look like your very own in-house IT department.

Automated call status emails, workflows and reporting are just the basics, this keeps every stakeholder up to date on what is happening. Integration of our Helpdesk system with our RMM also allows us to capture and log all system alerts, create full asset inventories and warranty reminders.


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Co Managed IT
Our Co Managed IT solution uses the same system. You keep an internal helpdesk email address, all communications outgoing are tailored and internal IT staff use the same system as ourselves. Your business benefits with the additional knowledge of maintaining a helpdesk, everything is streamlined and all work can be accounted for and reported on.

Service Level Agreement Reporting

Our Service Level Reporting provides great insight into how well everything is working. With response time, plan and resolution metrics checked over a period of a week or month you know if your business is getting its monies worth.

Closed Loop Advantage

Our "closed loop" option allows all communications to work through your own internal email address, all email communications can be tailored with your company letterhead also. This provides the "Internal IT Dept" look and feel.

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"Response Time" and "Resolution Time" - don't get them confused.

Revolution IT provide a very clear understanding of these terms when working on any service level agreement with potential partners. Once configured our Managed Helpdesk system will fully report on these metrics so you know you are receiving the service expected.


0hr Response Times


1 Hr Response Times


2 Hr Response Times


Calls a Month


Of Alerts


Hour Average Resolution Time