Multi Site Solutions

When your business operates out of multiple locations, your IT systems and processes can become expensive and complicated. 

Multi Site Solutions

Connecting all offices and centralising IT can save numerous costs, keep everyone on the same page and data consistant.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Great for the employee that is mostly out of the office
  • Site to Site Connectivity Centralise all IT and allow all locations access to the same resources
  • Cloud  Use parts of cloud technology to enable all services global reach


Modern technology is evolving at a rapid pace to support a workforce that is not only mobile, but operates from other locations other than head office. Having separate infrastructure and set-ups for each location or area can develop into a costly exercise that requires both time and increasing levels of IT skills to deal with complex IT Systems.

On top of that, you need infrastructure that enables your different locations to communicate seamlessly to your main system or database. Revolution IT can help you identify the best IT solution for your multi-site business or practice. Our consultants are available to help you understand your existing system and identify how you can improve this through the advances of modern technology, delivering cost savings and gaining efficiency for your business.






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