Backup and Recovery

Veeam Software

Veeam. Backup and Recovery for virtualized and physical environments takes all the technical hard to grasp technology of backup, replication and cloud to a new level and then packages it in a simple and workable solution.

Enterprise Continuity

#1 Virtual Machine Backup

15min Full Server Recovery

Veeam Cloud Connect
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More Cloud Options

Being a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider has allowed Revolution IT offer more options to our partners. The benefits are huge, and our partners that currently enjoy this service have much more peace of mind knowing that should something go terribly wrong they have us to hand with a full set of working data to get them back up and running in very little time.

Our provider status allows us to provide the following additional services:

  • Offsite Backup Repositories for housing copies of onsite backup data
  • BaaS (Backup as a Service) which allows us to run operations and hold backup data from our data centre
  • Cloud Connect Replication allows us to run full replica's of your servers within our data centre for quick failover of services in a disaster
  • Office 365 backup for all your important data in the cloud......that's right, if you don't have it you are currently not backing it up!

Veeam Solutions are constantly developing and improving. The solutions really do provide for peace of mind, Veeam backup does the job it says it does. If you are enjoying a virtualized environment and are still looking for that extra edge in backup and recovery then Revolution IT have the Veeam solution you are looking for. 


Benefits of a reliable backup solution are not often seen

More often we think of backups as a way of getting single files back, this is normally quite a quick process. But what about a full server? How quickly can a business get back online after a full server failure, with Veeam the technology is there to be back up and running in a matter of minutes, not hours or days! Our partners utilising Veeam technology enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full Server Restores With Veeam our partners enjoy the benefits of being able to fully restore a working server easily, and in as little as 15 minutes should the need arise
  • Full Server Backup Using Veeam we get a full and complete server backup, not just the files and folders
  • Secondary Backup Locations  Yes, we can have backups stored in one location and replicate that data to a second onsite location for more fault tolerance
  • Cloud Options Revolution IT being a Veeam Authorised Cloud Provider provides the oppurtunity to our partners to also have backups stored offsite, a very important step in a full backup and recovery plan
  • Verification Veeam allows the verification of backups to be completed in an enclosed environment so your production environment is not disturbed. This completes a solution that should be the standard for all businesses that are serious when it comes to protecting their information.


From The Client

“The benefits of Veeam itself are huge, and with Revolution IT having Veaam Cloud Solution Provider status it means we have been able to bring our backup and recovery to another level.”