Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Security Solutions: The ever increasing frequency and sophistication of security threats launched against today's IT systems creates a constant danger to business operations. Infection can result in loss of data and services bringing most businesses to a halt.

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To help in the protection of your IT systems, Revolution IT take a very broad approach. It starts with the end point (your workstations and servers), expands to the firewall and outside it within the internet, includes filtering of email and web traffic. And last but not least end user education is just as important.

Security Focus

  • Endpoint Protection Includes Policy, Anti-Virus/Malware Protection and End User Education
  • Firewall  Allow and Block incoming and outgoing traffic and apply security services across all interfaces
  • Filtering  Email and Internet traffic is filtered and scanned constantly with realtime updates


Evey business spends money on security differently, and it is true that no matter how much you spend there may be a time that somethig gets through still. If you build an 11 foot wall, the burglars will build an 11 foot ladder. This however shouldn't be a reason to not implement precautions and protect your business and your data, the cost of losing everything is surely far greater than protecting it as best you can.

Revolution IT constantly work with its partners in developing better security policies, as threats are always changing so to do we. We offer both onsite and cloud based solutions suited to the multi-site enterprise to the small business. We know not everyone can afford a state of the art security solution, so we have developed solutions to suit all needs.