Virtualization Solutions allow you to run multiple systems on a single piece of hardware. This in turn reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and simplifies your infrastructure. This technology is now available to businesses of all sizes.

VMware Professional Solution Provider
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Reduce Costs

Scalable Platform

From The Client

“We are getting more years from our hardware and have many more options in regards to fail over and disaster recovery. It's a win win situation”


If you are looking for a virtualization solution that lasts, is a solid platform to build on and can easily expand and grow with your business then virtualization is for you. Revolution IT have vast experience and knowledge in both Server and Desktop virtualization technology and are always happy to share this.

Solution Benefits

  • Consolidation of Hardware as VMware Virtualization allows you to pool resources, you no longer need a new physical server for each application
  • Cost Reductions in physical hardware, power and cooling requirements and hardware maintenance. You could squeeze 10 physical servers into one!
  • Increased Availability, Virtualization allows you build on a solid platform that will reduce planned and unplanned downtime. Backup & Disaster Recovery options are vastly improved also

Virtualisation - The best starting point

Through the many virtualization projects Revolution IT have implemented over the years we have seen a noticeable increase in the number of years the physical hardware can be utilized before it needs to be upgraded again. It has allowed our partners to reduce the number of physical servers required, saving a large expense every time they look at implementing a new software package plus reducing power and cooling requirements. What virtualization does for our partners in relation to backup and disaster recovery options going forward really makes the solution a number 1.

If you are an expanding business, or a business looking to reduce hardware costs, maybe even have better options in relation to backup and recovery, virtualization should be something to seriously look at. Revolution IT can advise you on the best course of action and how the solution will work for you and your business.