The Revolution Solution

Solutions of all shapes and sizes that fit the I.T. requirements and needs of our partners. There is no "1" Revolution Solution.

The Revolution Solution

Server and desktop consolidation, data protection, systems fail-over, security, monitoring and best practices are just a few of the solutions Revolution IT can talk to you about. 

Here at Revolution IT we think we can offer a difference. We are not locked into any one solutions provider meaning we won't be pushing any one technology at you. Never a pushy sales call or a "you must do this" type conversation!. Instead we like to walk through what it is you require and why, fill in the blanks "with options" and explain the differences which almost always ends in the price but more valuable than that is knowing technically what you are, and are not getting with the solution chosen.

Backup and Recovery

One of the most important solutions to get right in today's environment. Best practice suggests keeping two copies of your data locally and one offsite. Revolution IT are a Veeam Cloud Service Provider which enables us to provide this scenario to our partners.

Virtualization Solutions

Revolution IT are a VMware Professional Solution Provider and fully versed in virtualization solutions for server consolidation to desktop. Virtualization offers a myriad of advantages over traditional one server per application environments.

Security Solutions

Security is at the forefront of every businesses mind at the minute. With the vast amount of different attacks out there, lost revenue and regulations like GDPR secruity solutions must be looked at with a multi layered approach.

Multi-Site Solutions

When your business operates out of multiple locations, your IT systems and processes can become expensive and complicated. Cloud technology and VPN can help centralize and reduce the complexity.

One of the fastest ways to find the solution to an issue or challenge you are facing is to ask the right questions.

Thinking about how technology might be able to help your business

Let us help you select and implement the right solution